About Sally Faith

Mayor Sally A. Faith has been representing Saint Charles residents for over 16 years. Mayor Faith started as a County Council member and then served in Jefferson City as a State Representative. Most recently, Mayor Faith was elected as Mayor of Saint Charles in April of 2011. During her campaign, the Mayor promised to tackle three things:

  • To make the City more transparent
  • To bring new jobs to Saint Charles
  • To keep your taxes low

As Mayor, Sally has completed all three of those campaign promises she made in the Spring of 2011.

The Mayor created a budget newsletter that is sent to all residents in the City limits that explains where the City gets its revenues and where it expends those tax dollars. This process of opening the City's books and letting the residents see just where their dollars are headed, is the transparency that Mayor Faith campaigned about.

The City of Saint Charles has created numerous jobs with successful build out of the Streets of Saint Charles complex, more industry in the Fountain Lakes area and retail growth in the University Commons development. As our community grows, more job opportunities will be available for those who want a job.

Finally, even though the revenues of the City have fallen due to the economic downturn, Mayor Faith has kept the cost of City government low without affecting City services and operations. She has completed all of this without seeking new taxes to pay for the ongoing operations of City government.

As Mayor, you can see, Sally keeps her promises she makes. Now, it's your turn to keep Faith in government! Please vote to re-elect Mayor Sally Faith on April 2nd.

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